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We can fix whatever is slowing you down from reaching your top score potential.
Want to prep for USMLE COMLEX and residency the way those of us getting the big scores and residencies are? Let us show you.
  •   COMLEX
  • ​Shelf Exams
  •  Residency Applications, CV, Personal Statement
  •  Away MS4 Student Prep/Applications
  •   COMLEX
  • ​Shelf Exams
  •  Residency Applications, CV, Personal Statement
  •  Away MS4 Student Prep/Applications
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Tutoring FAQ's
Who is my Tutor?
Either Dr Caleb himself or a Step Prep Tutor. Step Prep Tutors completed the course and have done better than Dr Caleb on USMLE Step 1! Dr Caleb is actively a part of your tutor team. Your Tutor and Dr Caleb collaborate before or after your sessions to track your improvement and optimize your plan. The team behind your progress has mastered the art and are ready to help you use the tools and web apps in expert fashion to get results!
Can Dr Caleb do 1:1 tutoring and mentoring?
Yes. To ensure you only work with Dr Caleb - Select Dr Caleb as your tutor above! 
DID YOU KNOW - Our average student only needs 2-4hrs of tutoring with SPA tutors rather than 20-30hrs needed at other companies! WOW! That’s thousands of $$$ saved.
Remember - Dr Caleb is a resident so his  waking hours out of the hospital are minimal but if you are willing to work with his schedule and pay for him we can arrange it!  
Why use a StepPrep Tutor instead of the well known companies?
 -   We are the least expensive $150 vs the industry standard $250 ( EVEN Dr Caleb is priced better than the average MedStudent teaching you at the other companies)
 -  We can help you achieve your goals faster. Our average student only needs 4-8hrs of tutoring rather than 20-30hrs needed at other companies! Imagine the thousands of $$ and time saved. This is because other company’s format of tutoring consists of reviewing a few questions and hitting those random concepts in two hour sessions. By this system you will cover 40 concepts in a 20 hr $5k package. (These concepts may or may not even be on your test PLUS you already have purchased review courses that cover these concepts so you are double spending money and time).

What is covered in a StepPrep tutoring session?
1.) We Assess your prep status by watching you do several questions and then looking at all your question bank data and practice tests. 
2.) Define your goals and define your problems. 
3.) Plan: create an actionable plan with specific tasks to accomplish. These usually include personally tailored: Long term and daily schedules, Question review methods, Specific test taking skills, Resource plans to patch up knowledge gaps etc.
Unsure of what you need? 
Email support@stepprepacademy.com to get advice on what we can do for you!
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